Organic Rose Hip Oil

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Size/volume: 30ml 

Made in Korea


Main features

This lovely premium organic facial oil is 100% concentrated rose hip oil. Cold pressed natural rose hip fruits to obtain the active nutrients without adding extra heat. Potent vitamin C,A,B, and E gives the full nourishment and leaves the skin supple. Thin layer of rose hip oil on skin surface protects the skin from daily stressors helps to keep the skin healthy. 

Fatty acid in this rose hip oil helps the hydration of the dry skin and antioxidants brightens the dull complexion.

Suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin, acne-prone. 

 Good to Know

  1. Vegan formula
  2. Ethical sourcing
  3. Aroma therapy formula
  4. Sustainable process
  5. Package is made with more than 90% of recycled glass. 
  6. Cosmos Organic Ecocert certified. 

How to use

  1. Add 2-3 drops of this product at the last step of your skincare. 
  2. Apply gently over face and neck.

Full Ingredients

Rosa canina fruit oil

98.00% Organic Ingredients

Pleasant blend of natural essential oils such as argan oil and camellia seed oil, olive fruits, jojoba oil, carrot seed, evening primrose and more brings the super hydration and full nutrition deep into the skin.

This facial oil is formulated with flower ferment filtrates with an exclusive R&D of Whamisa.

Natural barrier by this flower fermented facial oil will retain moisture both during the day and night.

EWG verified & Certified by Germany BDIH (German non profit association for natural/organic verification )

Texture & Scent

Texture is lightweight, not greasy at all. It gets absorbed instantly and does not leave any heavy finishing. When we tested this facial oil, we were very impressed that it was absorbed into skin quickly but only left the moisture.

It has the lovely floral fragrance. While gently applying this facial oil on face, you will get relaxed and enjoy it so much.

How to Use

At the last step of your daily skincare routine, dispense 1-2 drops and massage gently on face.
Cover the face with hands so that facial oil gets absorbed even deeper into the skin.

Good to use both day and night for daily skincare routine.


Good to mix 1-2 drops of this facial oil with your daily moisturizer

Recommended for..

Combination skin type:
This facial oil will help deeper nourishing and smooth out the skin texture. This nourishment will bring the naturally glowing skin from within. Good to mix 1-2 drops of this facial oil with daily cream or use this oil at the last step of skincare routine.

Dry skin type:
Ideal for drier skin type. This facial oil locks up the nourishing and moisture by creating the natural barrier to protect the skin from daily stressor and environmental damage.

This product is Vegan friendly & Cruelty free

Your skincare will go well with ..

Add hydration layer and balance skin pH level with toner
Add lotion (moisturiser) to add nutrients and moisture
Eye essence
Apply eye essence around eye area to help diminish crow's feet, dark circles and eyebag
Facial oil
Lock up the moisture with facial oil and be dewy skin all day long 

This Brand is..

Whamisa is organic certified Korean Skincare brand which well known with organic fermentation cosmetics. Organic flowers, fruits, seeds, and roots are the main ingredients which work safely to our skin.

Whamisa's continuous dedication to create safe and honest skincare products have been proven by EWG verification, BDIH verification, and Excellent level of Dermatest.

All products are proudly cruelty free & vegan friendly.


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