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  • 2021 Beauty Trend that You don't want to miss

    How was your the year 2020? It was such an unprecedented year we'have never had before. Not just me and you, but everyone globally. However, we managed to go through and the new year 2021 is coming. It is always exciting to find out what's new and what will come for upcoming year.  Pandemic slowe... Προβολή ανάρτηση
  • Holiday beauty gifts that everyone will ask for

    Choosing gifts are not easy. I also used to tell my husband – “Just a letter with your heart is enough for me. I will do the same to you”. Yes, I was lazy even to go out for shopping to buy the gifts. There were too many choices but I didn’t know what to choose. But it is a big pleasure to exchan... Προβολή ανάρτηση
  • Nightcare Routine for Glowing Skin Next Day

    When good skin starts among your day? I'd say it starts from night before you go to sleep. Rough skin texture and dull complexioin will not go away only with a couple of serums and moisturisers in the morning. If you really want the healthy and glowing skin, it is important to take more efforts o... Προβολή ανάρτηση