[BO82 REVIEW] Soft but Strong Hydrating - dear, Klaris Rich Moist Soothing Cream

I was using different brand's moisturizer before this product. What i felt as soon as using this item was 'SO FRESH' and my skin feels really relaxing. 

  • My Skin Type: Combination
  • Age: Somewhere in 30s
  • Skin Concern: I have been sitting in front of the computer quiet long time recently as working on BeautyOn82. Dueo to  irregular life cycle, lack of sleep and tiredness, my skin got darkened and dull. 

A Cup of Water for my Skin

I always try to drink lots of water all the time not only for my health but for skin as well. However, I feel somethimes drinking water is not enough for skin. So I was looking for a moisturizer providing full of moisture to my skin in a mild way.

As Klair is already applaud K-Beauty brand by many users globally especially for acne/dry skin users, I didn't doubt about the quality. 
When I met Klair's Rich Moist Soothing Cream, it was true that there is no reason to doubt about this brand. 

For first impression, the cream is in tube container. So, it will be good for hygine side using the cream. Container used to be a jar but recenly renewed to tube container.

Most of the ingredients are natural such as carrot. broccoli, grape fruit, papaya extract and so on.  Plus, free of dye, animal derived ingredients and artificial fragrance - which matches the motto of BeautyOn82.

How I used it

If your skin is very dry, you might feel that this cream is not enough. 

However, if you try trio - Klairs Supple Preperation Toner & Soothing Serum & Soothing Cream, this is a different stroy. As my skin is quiet dry these days, I tried like this: 

Step 1 
Klairs Supple Prepration Toner  

Step 2
Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum

Step 3
Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream

Step 4
Blend facial oil with Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum (This step depends on your skin type)

For morning care: 

I felt the strongest combinatin of moisturzation power all day!
Plus, BB cream or founddation just so naturally applied on my face as skin base is strongly moisturized, my face was naturally glowing. 

For night care:

You will love to touch your face next morning!

In Summary:

  • If your skin is dry, acne, dry but oily - You Must try this beauty.
  • Great for all year around daily cream
  • Klairs didn't disappoint me. Love to review other items soon!
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