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  • 2021 Beauty Trend that You don't want to miss

    How was your the year 2020? It was such an unprecedented year we'have never had before. Not just me and you, but everyone globally. However, we managed to go through and the new year 2021 is coming. It is always exciting to find out what's new and what will come for upcoming year.  Pandemic slowe... View Post
  • Top 4 K-Beauty Youtube Channels You Need to Subscribe

    How much time do you spend a day watching youtube? Youtube is indeed a mega trend from A to Z in our life. I usually catch up Korean TV series, cooking recipe, and music via youtube.  Here are top 4 K-Beauty youtube channels I'd like to share with you to have more knowledge and true fun of Korean... View Post
  • 4 ways to use your Vitamin C the best

    Why do we need Vitamin C? All creatures including humans are aging as destiny. We can not stop natural aging but we can try to delay it with healthy life style and proper skincare. Our body needs to make energy. To do so, body needs to burn oxygen. During this process, 'free radical' is made and ... View Post