Top 4 K-Beauty Youtube Channels You Need to Subscribe

How much time do you spend a day watching youtube? Youtube is indeed a mega trend from A to Z in our life. I usually catch up Korean TV series, cooking recipe, and music via youtube. 

Here are top 4 K-Beauty youtube channels I'd like to share with you to have more knowledge and true fun of Korean skincare. 


1. Director Pi (852K subscribers)

 What do you consider when you select the products? Director Pi is one of the K-Beauty leading youtubers and she contributed significantlly to educate consumers how to select the good products based on ingredients.

Upon her influences to beauty industry, Korean skincare trend became more to be 'ingredients first' and Korean cosmetic companies started to pursuit more to clean beauty. As she has numerous subscribers.

 She had built her beauty career as a beauty editor at Elle Korea magzaine before starting a youtube channel. 

Click here to go to here youtube channel.  


Director Pi's Choice

Sioris You Look So Young Nightcream


" I totally fell in love with this cream.

5% of Tamanu oil strengthens skin barrier.

5% is very high percentage in cream"

2. Dr.DTS A Dermatologist talks about the SKIN (76.9K Subscribers)

Knowledge is power.However, information is everywhere and it is difficult to select authentic and trustworthy information. When it comes to skincare, dermatologist's advice must be the most reliable and trustworthy. Dr. DTS delivers dermatological information and a guide what we need to know when selecting skincare products.
He currently runs his own dermatology clinic in Cheongju, Korea. 
Click here to watch his youtube channel.

Dr. DTS's Choice

Benton Shea butter & Coconut Hand Cream


" 20% of shea butter gives really good hydration for long time.

And ingredients are all great! "


3. Wishtrend TV (1.53M subscribers)

Wishtrend TV is a youtube channel run by Wishtrend company that produces popular K-Beauty brands like dear,Klairs and Bywishtrend. Wishtrend TV delivers lots of skincare tips and information in a fun & easy-to-understand way. 

 Most popular videos are 'Why do Korean girls look so young? - Korean antiaging' with 8 million views and 'Eyebrow shaping tutorial for beginners' with 4.6 million views. Check more here.


4. RISABAE (2.26M subscribers)

 Be careful not to fall in love her too soon! RISABE is one of the most famous beauty youtubers in Korea with 2.26 million subscribers. Her transformation with makeup is limitless from K-pop stars to cartoon character. When I watched her tutorial at first time, I could not help drop my jaw to see how she is transformed to targeted character only with makeup. 

Without further ado, please check her youtube channel here







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