Why we need claypack now

In sizzling summer days, all the summer fun under the sun is a great thing. However, it is not such a pleasure to see enlarged pores and sagging skin due to summer heat.

In order to rescue your skin from those concerns, claypack is becoming hot among skincare lovers. Claypack is one of the conventional types of facial masks before sheetmask became popular. I would say that my favorite facial mask in summer is claypack among all other types of masks. There isn’t other facial masks I’ve ever found yet that you can find freshness from claypack.


Here is the reason why we need a claypack now.


In summer, skin is exposed to heat and UV rays inevitably during daily life. Skin needs to let out heat and sweat more than other seasons. Thus pores become bigger. It would be ideal if we can put good efforts on cleansing everyday to remove impurities from pores. However, it is not that easy. Any leftover dirt, sebum, and impurities may cause the clogged pores and it may become skin trouble in the end.


It is true that wash-off pack such as claypack had been less popular since sheetmasks become very popular for skincare lovers. It is indeed an extra work to wash off the mask rather than simply remove the sheetmask from face. However, if your skin concern is enlarged pores, break out, oiliness and acne, you will want to include claypack in your skincare routine.


<Matcha - Green tea power can be blended with clay>
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Clay is the mineral-enriched natural material and it is very effective to absorb excessive oils and remove clogged dirt from deep in the pores. Clay is also blended with volcano ash, mud, red clay, green team, black tea and more. It is fun to choose different type of claypack upon skin condition or skin concern.


Photo credit : @ Dr. Ceauracle

Improving dull complexion


Excessive sebum and oiliness darken complexion. Clay absorbs excessive sebum and easily washed off with it. This is a very effective way of exfoliating as clay reaches deep into pores to remove the impurities. Most importantly it is almost zero-skin irritation compared to other ways of exfoliating such as scrub and peeling off.




Clay masks are formulated with ingredients helping hydration such as kaolin, betaine, hyaluronic acid and so on. Many of you may think that claypack might dry up skin and causes dryness. If you have not experienced a claypack yet, you will be surprised that skin is so moisturized after washing it off. Cleansed skin after claypack is the great canvas of layering next skincare steps such as serum and nightcream.


Lifting up

As clay dries up, it tightens up skin and pores. This tightness boosts the blood circulation and helps balance oiliness and hydration in the skin. Anti-oxidants contained in claypack also helps the revitatlization and delay skin aging.


Actually, it is so easy to use!


Claypack may reminds you of messing round with dripping everywhere. Actually this creamy and super soft texture smoothly spreads on skin without dripping off. It so cleanly glides on skin without mess and dries up quiet quickly. After 10 minutes or so, you will start to feel tightening of skin. You don't have to let it dry too much. Washing off after 10-15 minutes once clay is completely dried is totally enough.



<Creamy matcha claypack texture>


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